Me! Me. Me?

My name is Nicholas and I am a masters student at the University in Bergen, in the field of Digital Culture.
I did my bachelor thesis on E-sports as a spectator sport, and how the audience itself is immersed in the competition via crowd funding the cash prize (Dota 2, The international)
Now I`ve started my masters in Digital culture, and I will use this blog as my outward portal to the public, where I will share some of my thoughts and opinions on certain aspects of my studies and finds related to them. My key interests are cognitive digitalization, especially digital mapping of the brain, and how our now widespread global networks influence and affect us.

I hope that anyone who reads and/or follows my blog will find it as interesting as I do, and be inclined to delve deeper into the abstract abyss that is Digital Culture with me. I encourage readers to participate, in the form of leaving comments or sharing my find.